Aug 312014

It’s been seven years. It’s almost difficult to believe. It’s Hatsune Miku’s 7th anniversary.

pixiv id: 45694087 / projectTiGER

pixiv id: 45694087 / projectTiGER

08/31. It’s your seventh anniversary, Miku.
Good night.

Aug 092014

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Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market is holding a video contest for Vocaloid Music videos with the support of Crypton Future Media. The history of this festival starts as the CGM Award, but was renamed to UGC (User Generated Contents) Award in the 9th SAPPORO Short Fest to celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 5th anniversary, and since then has screened various promotional videos from a wide range of artists and producers.


All the submitted videos and films are previewed by the selection committee, and some works will be chosen for an official UGC Award of SAPPORO Short Fest 2014. Those videos and films will be screened at their main theater, and will give a grand prize for the UGC Grand Prix and two winners of UGC awards.

[Submission Regulations]

  • The singing synthesizer software has to be used in the work.
  • The images have to be original works.
  • Copyright has to be clear with illustration and music.
  • The length of the video or film has to be within 30 minutes.
  • The video or film is published on the website.
  • Resolution of the video must be more than 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • A director or a group of directors can submit only one video or film.


 (Last year’s winners)

Submissions are open from July 18, to August 31, 2014 15:00 JST and can be submitted here (instructions in both Japanese and English).

Jun 112014

So you missed your chance to see Miku live in Los Angeles during Mikunopolis? Don’t fret, second time could be the charm. And to top it off, she’s also headed to the Big Apple.
MIKUBOOK sent out newsletters to announce that MIKUEXPO will be hitting the LA NOKIA Theater on October 11th (7pm, night show) & 12th (12:30pm, afternoon show) and New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on October 17th (8:30pm night show) and 18th (6:30pm night show).

Tickets for all shows start sales in two days (Friday 13th June), structured into four tiers of;

  • “MIKU LOVE VIP PACKAGE”, standing tickets at $125
  • “MIKU LOVE AREA”, seating for $75
  • “GOLD”, seating for $65
  • “SILVER”, seating for $55 (not applicable to New York)

The MikuExpo itself will be held in a separate venue in downtown LA and NY. Its details aren’t yet finalized, so watch the website for up-to-date info.

May 162014

So you still remember last year’s XPERIA A, the basis of the dx39 ‘Mikuphone’? Well, docomo just recently announced the SO-04F XPERIA A2, which peculiarly, is not an XPERIA Z2 mini, set for a June release. The A (for Ace) if you recall, is the JDM version of the global XPERIA ZR – a mini Z if you will – and in turn the XPERIA Z1 had the Z1c/Z1f.
So does this mean we can expect a second-generation Mikuphone? A dx39 XPERIA A2? Maybe. I wouldn’t count on it too eagerly though.

Hit this post for the full specs.

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May 142014


20140513-miku-01In a last minute decision thanks to Good Smile Racing’s first place win at the second Super GT round, the reservation deadline for the 2014 Racing Miku nendoroid sponsorship has been extended.

Nendoroid sponsorships will now remain open until May 19th at 11:59 PM JST. Thanks to GSR’s second first place win, Good Smile Company will include two trophies with all nendoroid orders. If their team wins first place again at the upcoming Autopolis race, they will include a 3rd trophy for that win as well.

All 4 nendoroid courses have been re-opened, and are still scheduled to ship in October. For further sponsorship information, check the official sponsorship product page.

May 142014
初音ミク -Project DIVA- F 2nd_241

It’s pretty obvious that ve here has been rather inactive, but I’ll be straightforward. While this blog is still a VOCALOID focused one, it has always been intended to have some diversity (that includes tech or anime (and maybe shipgirls)). The staff are normal people running this as a side-line and have been occupied with various problems so lately ve itself as a project has been in a bit of a limbo.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end (yet), but don’t get excited either. ve might move away from more persistent news reporting towards more detailed reviewing or guides – there are plenty of other sites reporting on the voca-bandwagon.
We’re still working on the dx39 Mikuphone review (3 of us here have one), and intend to get a F2nd review out, so we beg your kind patience as always as we take our time to provide detailed, accurate articles.

May 142014
2014-03-12 18.35.57

As of recent years, wireless audio has seen a reinvigorated boom (is that a pun?) even as consumers have shown increased attention to sound quality (or at least believe they do), with celebrity endorsed brands such as Beats (and HTC including Beats based solutions), SOUL (by Ludacris) or House of Marley. Meanwhile the old guards of recognizable hifi monitor names such as Ultimate Ears (UE, now clearly part of Logitech), Westone or Shure to name a few have stepped up their attempts to get into the common speak.

So, the so-called “audiophile” landscape is varied and murky, and that’s just in headphones or in-ears. Over the last few years, with the introduction of the Jawbone JAMBOX in 2011, portable speakers have seen a bit of a resurgence. Previously, solutions such as the X-mini, a Singaporean startup reminded consumers that you needn’t be at home or have a power socket to have good (or at least decent) sound pumped on the go. HTC has also reminded us that mobile devices don’t need to have weak speakers in their skinny frames.
Which brings us to the current portable speaker market.
Tl;dr version of this review: this speaker is good. Hit this post for the full read. Continue reading »

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