Mar 032014

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Family Mart has once again started a new round of Miku goods and promotions! The campaign started on February 25th and will last until March 24th, selling several goods as well as a raffle for a keyboard and other various goods. The special prizes are:

  •     A Hatsune Miku themed electronic keyboard by KORG (5 winners possible)
  •     A Wii U with Karaoke expansion (15 winners possible)
  •     A copy of Meiko Vocaloid 3 (10 prizes)
  •     One of 5 badges of the Character-Series Vocaloids illustrated by CHAN×CO (200 winners available)
  •     A limited edition 1,000 JPY gift card to Family Mart(390 winners available)

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Mar 012014

Sony’s had mixed success in the Android space, being allegedly the next biggest shipper of devices, but not quite being profitable nor having the kind of high profile Samsung or Apple enjoy. Their Android phones have characteristically exhibited the same faults over and over, while their latest flagship effort, the “Best of Sony” XPERIA Z is considered to be … Sony not putting in all their effort. That said, the upcoming pipeline release of the codenamed Honami Z1 and the inbound gargantuan XPERIA ZU look to be signs that the company is finally rallying its efforts under PlayStation guy Kazuo Hirai.

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Jan 262014

The “Karaoka Uta Ya” karaoke in Sapporo, Japan has adopted a Snow Miku theme for visitors to enjoy. The karaoke has set up decorations, unique foods, and merchandise that will last until the 31st of March.


The special foods that can be ordered to the room are as follows


Yuki Miku * Maple Pancakes – 565 JPY
Yuki Miku * Parfait – 585 JPY
Miku ♪ Fries – 585 JPY

Yuki Miku * Hot Milk – 498 JPY
Yuki Miku * Frozen Yoghurt – 498 JPY


All drink orders come with one of four collectible cards that will be given randomly. From 6:00pm to closing time, exclusive merchandise will be on sale, such as key chains, stickers, and Post Cards.

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Sources: Piapro Blog and Snow Miku Festival Official Webpage

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