Mar 172013

The Mitsui Greenland (グリーンランド) theme park in Japan in Kumamoto opened its doors yesterday to a new event titled 初音ミクとあそぼうっ! in グリーンランド (Let’s Play with Hatsune Miku! in Greenland – Hatsune Miku to asobou! in Gurinrando”).

The event, which started yesterday (15th March), ends 6th May. There are goods and illustrations to be seen and purchased in the park and a cosplay event will take place on April 13th (although cosplayers are allowed in everyday, but there are rules of politeness and conduct to adhere to).

初音ミクとあそぼうっ! itself is free, but the entrance fee to the park itself is ¥500 (about US$5.50), while services such as a locker room costs ¥1,300.


illustration by rco wada

Attractions and facilities on park grounds include a McDonald’s, a merchandise shop, an illustration gallery, which includes a large print of the gorgeous featured artwork by rco wada (who is also the main illustrator for Fate/EXTRA) and a large number of figures, such as GSC’s nendoroids (and GRAPHIGs) on display. The front foyer even features a life-sized statue of Deep Sea Girl (深海少女)!
A Miku themed (Alice in Musicland from the looks of it) tram/train is also around for visitors to ride.
You can check some pictures of those out on Japanese blog Hobbylog.

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